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Kidizoom Twist

The Kidizoom Twist is the next generation of VTech Kidizoom cameras set to arrive in 2011.

The VTech Kidizoom Twist is designed for children aged 3 years and older and features an innovative new totally twisty lens design. The camera has a unique rotating self portrait lens that allows users to view video and photos on the integrated LCD screen as they shoot them. Simply twist the lens to take a photo of yourself and twist again to snap your friends!

You can buy the Kidizoom Twist Camera Blue for boys and the Kidizoom Twist Camera Pink for girls... Let's get twisting!

If the popularity of previous Kidizoom camera products are anything to go by the new Kidizoom Twist will be one of the top toys 2011, so make sure you BUY NOW while stocks last!

VTech Kidizoom Twist Camera

The VTech Kidizoom Twist Camera is a 2MP digital camera which also includes a number of additional fantastic features including a unique totally twisty lens, 5 built-in games, a 4x digital zoom, together with interactive funny face editing and voice recording which can be added to digital photos and video to give that individual touch.

The Kidizoom Twist is the all new fun kids digital camera with a twisting lens from VTech. So to get twisting and read more detailed product descriptions, click here: VTech Kidizoom Twist Camera

Kidizoom Twist Camera Blue

Kidizoom Twist Camera Blue

The Kidizoom Twist Camera Blue is a fully featured, simple to use and robust digital camera specially designed for kids, with loads of fun functions fun features including still pictures and video creation, together with five different games to play. If that's not enough you can edit and enhance your photos with fun effects, stamps and borders.

The Blue Kidizoom Twist has a unique twisting lens, colour screen, built-in flash, SD card slot with built-in memory that can store up to several hundred photos.

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Kidizoom Twist Camera Pink

Kidizoom Twist Camera Pink

With the innovative lens on the new Kidizoom Twist Camera Pink, you can begin capturing photos like never before! Use the 2 megapixel camera with unique super-twisty lens to take photos of yourself or twist the lens around to photograph and video your friends.

The Pink Kidizoom Twist camera has a 4x digital zoom and store your creations on the 256MB internal memory. The integrated SD card slot means you can increase the memory capacity and transfer your photos to your computer. The Kidizoom Twist also features video taking, voice recording, 5 built-in games and dual viewfinder.Add wacky effects to your pictures and videos for extra amusement and then view them on a TV or PC.

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Kidizoom Twist 

Kidizoom Twist Cheapest Price

We aim to make the Kidizoom Twist website easy to use and simple to navigate, packed with all the information you need to find the Kidizoom Twist cheapest price when you are looking to buy Kidizoom Twist online. Our comprehensive guide shows the VTech Kidizoom Twist cheapest price and the latest Kidizoom Twist in stock information from well-known online stores including Amazon, Toys R Us, John Lewis, Argos, Hamleys, The Entertainer, Woolworths and Tesco.

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VTech Kidizoom Twist Camera

To see the new Kidizoom Twist camera in action, take a look at the following video:

Kidizoom Twist Reviews

If you have seen the latest TV ad or perhaps the little one in your life shows potential to become the next David Bailey and is always grabbing your expensive digital camera, you may be looking at the prospect of buying the Kidizoom Twist camera perhaps as a Christmas present or birthday present, but you may still not be totally sure... Check out the latest Kidizoom Twist Reviews and you will not be disappointed!

Why not check out the newest selection of Kidizoom Twist Reviews and see what other parents who have already purchased this fantastic kids digital camera think about it.

Also if you have bought the VTech Kidizoom Twist Digital Camera and would like to let others know about your thoughts and help them make their choice, please send your reviews to us and we will publish them on the website.

To read the latest Kidizoom Twist reviews click here: Kidizoom Twist Reviews


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